European project V-IOLA

European project V-IOLA

Volunteer International On Line Asset: a week of meetings begin

A week of meetings and field activities of the V-IOLA project delegates, Volunteer International On Line Asset, begins today, May 14 – at the headquarters of the Civil Protection Department.
The delegation is composed of representatives of the organizations of the partner countries, Montenegro and Serbia.

They are officials of the emergency management ministries, national Red Cross societies and young representatives of organizations working on the themes of disaster risk prevention and reduction, for the creation of more resilient communities, also thanks to the development of the volunteering component of civil protection.

The exchange takes place within the framework of the EU Aid Initiative program, aimed at establishing a European voluntary body.

The project led by the Department of Civil Protection, sees the participation of the International Center for Environmental Monitoring of the Cima Foundation and of the national voluntary organizations Anpas, the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta and the Italian Red Cross, as well as institutional and world representatives of the voluntary service of Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania.

The objective of the project is the promotion of disaster risk reduction strategies, with the support of volunteers for the steady increase in community resilience. In particular, the initiative is also aimed at the accreditation of Serbian and Montenegrin volunteering on the EU Aid Volunteers European network.

The week opens with a visit to the operational headquarters of the Department, where the issues related to the civil protection volunteering, the management and overcoming of national emergencies and the communication campaign “I do not risk” are deepened.

The Italy Situation Room and the Operational Committee, the Maritime Emergency Operations Center – COEMM and the Unau Air Operations Center-Coau as well as the central Functional Center for weather and hydro risk are also subject to observation and study. During the morning of May 15, the delegation will visit the headquarters of the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta-CISOM.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the complex structure of the Order of Malta, in Italy and around the world, and how volunteers can intervene in emergency situations. In the afternoon the delegates will attend EXCO 2019, the International Cooperation Fair in Rome from 15 to 17 May, where the Italian Red Cross participates with a speech on information management in the disaster risk prevention activities of the V-IOLA project.

To deepen a recent model of emergency management on May 16, in agreement with the civil protection of the Umbria region, the participants will be in Norcia, a city hit hard by the earthquake of October 2016, and in Foligno, where the activities of the Functional Center will be illustrated. civil protection.

The delegation will follow and conclude the study visit in Tuscany with two days of institutional and practical activities between Florence and Prato. In particular, on May 17, the partners will visit the Civil Protection Operations Room of the Tuscany Region (SOUP – permanent unified operating room) and the registered office of Anpas.

The delegation’s visit will end in Prato at the “May Days”, a regional volunteer party, organized by the Anpas regional committee of Tuscany. Participation will be an opportunity for a direct exchange with the civil protection volunteers present at the event, increasing know-how and promoting the birth of future synergies.