The Project

The project


The V-IOLA (Volunteer International On Line Asset) project intends to enhance third countries volunteers management capacities, allowing them to join the EUAV network of Hosting Organizations.

By so doing it will also strengthen Civil Protection systems and their ability to cope with natural and manmade disasters by promoting prevention and preparedness initiatives. The initiative will promote on line volunteering as integrant part of national DRR strategies.

These general objectives will be reached with the following actions:

Support the EU Aid Volunteer certification of potential Hosting Organizations in Serbia and Montenegro

Develop Training of Trainers curricula in volunteer management and emergency management

Test the activation of EUAV on line volunteers for Civil Protection purposes identifying capacities, common instruments, platforms and applications that could be openly used by the EUAV initiative

Deliver practical exercises to test achievements of the project

Showcase the EUAV initiative providing a platform for the creation of further partnerships with institutions, NGOs, IFRC, scientific organizations and Civil Protection and humanitarian aid institutions

The project will promote the use of low cost technologies (Virtual Reality, 360 photography and Augmented Reality) for the implementation of activities and trainings.

Our Mission

Promote the dissemination of Disaster Risk Reduction strategies with the support of volunteers for the constant increase of community resilience.

The project in numbers

300+ volunteers will be involved in training activities

25 staff and experienced DRR/Civil Protection experts will follow the project

2 third countries involved

3 EU MS involved

3 Civil Protection authorities

3 Red Cross societies

5 Volunteering organizations

1 Scientific organization

30 on line volunteers to be trained

4 trainings (Volunteer management, emergency management, On line Volunteering)

2 trainings on Communication strategies for volunteers

6 months of pilot actions involving EU on line volunteers

1 Job shadowing activity

The consortium

The V-IOLA project consortium is lead by the Italian Civil Protection Department and is constituted by several entities involved in different phases of Civil Protection and Humanitarian aid activities.

The partnership counts of 3 Civil Protection authorities (Italy, Montenegro, Serbia), 1 Civil Protection scientific organization, 5 Volunteering Organizations, 1 NGO, 3 Red Cross societies and 1 on line volunteering organization as associate.

Reference number


Area covered by the project

The project will implement activities in the following countries:

    • Italy
    • Hungary
    • Romania
    • Serbia
    • Montenegro
    • Belgium